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Saturday in the Garden

Saturday I spent several hours working in the garden. I never get as much done as I hope! I started this garden in 2012  with a perennial section and this year added vegetables. Now I realize that it takes a year, minimum, to really see what you have with perennials. The phlox

Phlox 7/13/13

Phlox 7/13/13

are coming into full bloom, smelling really great and attracting bees. In front of the phlox are two Easter egg eggplants – have harvested two already. There was a fascinating bug on one leaf – not sure what it was, but my husband dubbed it the “your eggplant is doomed bug.” Guess we’ll see! Please let me know if you recognize this critter.

Your Eggplant Is Doomed bug?

Your Eggplant Is Doomed bug?

Two weeks ago I would have been bragging on my vigorous squash plants, but they have since succumbed to squash vine borers. We did have two good meals of yellow squash  before they died. Research tells me that the borers only have one life cycle per year so I am going to replant. I’ve ordered some jumbo pink banana winter squash seed and will head back to the store to see if any healthy summer squash seedlings remain.

Summer so far has been damp and cooler than normal, but some sun and heat have finally arrived and the bell peppers are starting to set. One plant got an earlier start, but the other seven are just started to hold their peppers. No such trouble on the sweet banana peppers, though! We have harvested once already and they keep on coming.

We have all the cherry tomatoes we can manage! This year we are growing three Supersweet 100 cherry tomatoes, and two are massive and prolific. The cages that looked so satisfactory in May are overwhelmed. We have also harvested six or seven Cherokee purple tomatoes and have many Mr. Stripey’s growing. I love the deep color of the Cherokee purples!

Cherokee Purples tomatoes cut in quarters

Cherokee Purple tomatoes

There are also green beans, limas, new potatoes, sweet potatoes and one little watermelon plant  – more on those later.