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GNO: Sing-along!

With an empty nest it’s easier to slip out now and then for an evening out with girlfriends. Usually for us it’s dinner, drink, and a chance simply to catch up. One night, however, the dinner and drink preceded a movie, since someone thought we would all enjoy the songs of Abba and the movie Mamma Mia!

We took plenty of time for dinner and arrived for the show a bit giggly and, as it happens, mostly alone in the theatre. One thing led to another. Head bobbing and toe tapping escalated. Songs were hummed, then lyrics quietly sung. But the crowd was thin and we were laughing and before too long we were on our feet singing most of the songs. (With movements, of course, why do you ask?) Because we are all Good Girls, we asked the few others in the movie if we were bothering them, but no one gave the dreaded “Sit Down and Shut Up.” It was loads of fun and the memory still makes us laugh. While we’ve threatened to do it again, I have never relished the thought of being ejected from the movies, and finding another showing empty or obliging enough to tolerate our merriment seemed unlikely.

Fast forward to this spring.  Our lovely downtown movie palace, the Alabama Theatre, has a summertime film series on Fridays and Sundays. When I got a copy of the schedule in the mail, well, see for yourself…  (Click on the image to make it larger, and you may need to zoom in too.)


2013 Summer Film Series poster from Alabama Theatre

2013 Summer Film Series

Yes you see the showing of Mamma Mia!, but did you look at this Friday night? July 28? Grease? AS A SING-ALONG? Yes indeed, we are planning a girls’ night out Friday night, complete with Mexican dinner beforehand.  And while our voices have not improved, we probably won’t be much worse than everyone else.  Of course, the joy of being an empty-nester is that my son will not be there to roll his eyes and shush me, or even to look disapproving when I get home.

If you’re nearby, come join us! We’ll be the group of giggling women standing up, singing our hearts out, and doing all the motions. You can’t miss us…

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