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I’m excited about this year’s new vegetable plot, but I’m enjoying my containers, too.  I’m giving trash can potatoes a try, which I found out about here on the blog It’s All Gouda. Isn’t that a cute name? ANYWAY, I’ve got two trash cans of potatoes flanking my backyard vegetable plot. Unfortunately I read too late the part that potatoes like cool weather, and the russet potatoes have not been willing to play along. However, the Norlander red potatoes have done wonderfully. I’ve added soil twice. Soon I’ll get the courage to dig around and see if I can find some new potatoes.

 Trash Can Norlander Potatoes

Trash Can Norlander Potatoes

I’ve got three more pots going with Beauregard sweet potatoes. They are in the front yard masquerading as ornamentals to get the maximum sunlight. I stuck a watermelon in one of the pots too. Last year I tried watermelon in the back yard but something ate them – I’m guessing raccoons.

The other pots are full of herbs.  Kentucky Derby mint, chocolate mint, oregano, rosemary, lemon thyme, and boxwood basil live at the end of the driveway, on the other side of the fence from helpful watering by Dusty the miniature schnauzer. The basil and the chocolate mint are gifts from my coworker Jaime. There’s something special about plants from friends, don’t you think?

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